Note this is our latest Environmental Policy. We change this periodically as we adjust our working practises.

Respect for Nature is at the heart of everything we do at Botanica International. We are committed to complying with and exceeding where possible all regulations and requirements concerning our environmental duties. We continually monitor and improve our environmental performance & impact. Environmental matters enter daily into our business decisions.

We always look for environmentally friendly products/services to satisy our business needs. We closely monitor usage of our document handling equipment and ensure all models are the most efficient available. We minimise the use of paper in the office by using duplex printers and our scanning to our electronic document store instead of paper filing. We only print documents when absolutely necessary and digital document generation now dominates in our business. Each office contains a recycling bin and a waste bin to ensure as much everyday rubbish such as paper, cardboard, bottles, cans are recycled. We reduce and re-use our packaging materials as far as is practically possible and we use 100% recyclable air-pockets for void-filling in preference to traditional packaging..

We closely monitor gas and heating oil use. We use LED lighting almost exclusively which is considerably more energy efficient than normal light bulbs. Light and electrical equipment is switched off when not in use. Energy consumption of products is always evaluated prior to our purchasing decisions & we have recently started using smart remote switches to further enhance efficency.

We have almost entirely replaced in person meetings with remote meetings. This has dramatically reduced our carbon footprint & has increased our efficency. We car share in the event we are travelling to trade shows etc and our van operations are planned on a daily basis to get the most done with each van trip. We ensure vehicles purchased have the lowest emissions possible and have a plan to add electric vehicles to our fleet once they become economically viable.

Our website is hosted in a datacentre where they match 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and maintain a commitment to carbon neutrality.